Individual Salmonella Serotypes Reports

Information on this page is related to An Atlas of Salmonella in the United States, 1968–2011.

An Atlas of Salmonella in the United States, 1968-2011 [PDF – 248 pages] summarizes 42 years of laboratory-confirmed surveillance data on Salmonella isolates (pure strains separated from specimens with more than one bacteria) from humans and includes analyses by age, sex, geography, and season of the year.

On this page you will find reports of 32 Salmonella serotypes featured in the Atlas that includes:

  • Explanation of figures
  • Data limitations
  • Multiple figures representing age-standardized rate by county and by year

Anyone concerned with public health—such as regulators, industry, academia, policy, and the public–can directly access this information.

We hope that information in the Atlas will help users to understand Salmonella data and trends and to develop more informed solutions for reducing Salmonella contamination along the farm to table chain.

Did you know that Salmonella Agona is an international traveler? Learn more surprising facts about Agona and four other Salmonella serotypes.

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