Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Ground Turkey

Illustration with a triangle and exclamation mark and text reading Food Safety Alert

Posted May 18, 2021

This outbreak is over. Always handle and cook ground turkey safely to help prevent foodborne illness.

Fast Facts
  • Illnesses: 33
  • Hospitalizations: 4
  • Deaths: 0
  • States: 14
  • Recall: No
  • Investigation status: Closed
Ground turkey product 1 /4

Ground turkey product 1 /4

Ground turkey product 2 of 4

Ground turkey product 2 /4

Ground turkey product 3 of 4

Ground turkey product 3 /4

Ground turkey product 4 of 4

Ground turkey product 4 /4

What You Should Do

Always follow these four food safety steps: 

  • Clean:
    • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling raw turkey.
    • Wash cutting boards, utensils, dishes, and countertops that have touched raw turkey using hot soapy water or a dishwasher.
    • Do not wash raw turkey. Washing raw turkey can spread turkey juices and contaminate your sink, countertops, utensils, and other foods.
  • Separate:
    • Use a separate cutting board for raw turkey.
    • Keep raw turkey separate from food that won’t be cooked.
  • Cook:
  • Chill:
    • Refrigerate leftovers at 40°F or below within 2 hours (within 1 hour if it is hotter than 90°F).
    • Thaw turkey in the refrigerator, not on the counter.