Foodborne Outbreaks

During a multistate foodborne disease outbreak, CDC serves as lead coordinator between public health partners to detect the outbreak, define its size and extent, and to identify the source.

Public health officials investigate outbreaks to control them, so more people do not get sick in the outbreak, and to learn how to prevent similar outbreaks from happening in the future.

List of Selected Multistate Foodborne Outbreak Investigations

Photo of flour in a bowl.

Read About an E. coli Outbreak Linked to Flour

Bowl of tahini sauce and sesame seeds.

Read About A Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Kawaran brand Tahini

Photo of two baby chickens.

Read About Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Backyard Poultry

Photo of various deli-sliced products.

Read About A Listeria Outbreak Linked to Deli-Sliced Meats and Cheeses

Types of Data Used to Solve Outbreaks infographic

Types of Data Used to Solve Outbreaks

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Recent Outbreak Investigations




Report a Foodborne Illness

CDC in Action: Foodborne Outbreaks
Preventing Outbreaks

The Food Production Chain. Click the image to get a larger view.

Outbreak investigations play a key role in preventing future outbreaks.

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