Recall & Advice to Consumers and Retailers

Salmonella Oranienburg Infections Linked to Good Earth Egg Company Shell Eggs (Final Update)

This outbreak appears to be over, but it is a reminder to always follow food safety steps to handle and cook eggs safely to avoid foodborne illness from raw eggs.

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Advice to Consumers, Restaurants, and Retailers

Consumers, restaurants, and retailers should not eat, serve, or sell recalled shell eggs distributed by Good Earth Egg Company.

How to identify recalled eggs:

  • Recalled eggs distributed by Good Earth Egg Company were sold under different brand names throughout the Midwest, including Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.
  • Various sizes of eggs were packed in 6-count, 10-count, 12-count, and 18-count cartons, and 15 dozen cases and 30 dozen cases.
  • Codes and dates on recalled eggs include everything before and including: “252 – Sell By 10/8/16” and “Packed for” or “Produced for Good Earth Egg Company.”

What to do if you have recalled eggs:

  • Throw away recalled eggs even if some of the eggs have been eaten and no one has gotten sick. Throw them away in a sealed bag in the trash so that children, pets, or other animals can’t eat them.
  • Do not return recalled eggs. Good Earth Egg Company will work directly with each consumer to manage replacement of its productExternal.
  • Don’t try to cook recalled eggs and eat or serve them.
  • Consumers should wash and sanitize drawers or shelves in refrigerators where recalled products were stored. Restaurants and retailers should wash and sanitize any crates or other containers where the recalled eggs were held or sold.
    • Use a solution of chlorine bleach and hot water or another appropriate sanitizer, following the instructions provided on the label.
  • Wash reusable groceryExternal bags often. Cloth bags should be washed in a washing machine, and plastic-lined bags should be scrubbed using hot water and soap.

Always follow food safety steps to handle and cook eggs safely to avoid foodborne illness from raw eggs. It’s important to handle and prepare all fresh eggs and egg products carefully, from any egg producer.