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Epi Info™ Web Survey System Deployment

The Epi Info™ Web Survey System is a companion to the Epi Info™ 7 suite of tools, and a separate package apart from Epi Info™ 7. The Web Survey System requires a server running Microsoft Internet Information Services or IIS and a SQL Server database. This database manages the users authorized to publish surveys, published web surveys, and the data submitted by respondents. Without access to the web and database servers that host the Epi Info™ Web Survey System, users will not be able to publish surveys and collect data over the Internet using Epi Info™.

This user guide outlines the steps required to design and publish a form using the Epi Info™ 7 Form Designer tool, and import data submitted by survey participants with the Epi Info™ 7 Enter tool. The technical aspects of configuring the web and database servers are beyond the scope of this User Guide.  System deployment information can be found in the instructions included with the deployment package from the Downloads page.

To obtain the necessary keys and settings to use the Web Survey System, contact your Web Survey System administrator, or the person/group that manages the Epi Info™ Web Survey System in your organization.

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