Epi Info™ User Guide


Use an Existing Language .MDB Database

You must have an .MDB file, which contains the completed language translation, to complete this section.

  1. From the Epi Info 7 main menu, select Tools>Options.
  2. Click the Language tab.
  3. Select Import Translations.
Description: TRans4.png
  1. The Import Language Database window opens. Select a language from the Please choose the language or culture to import from the following drop down list. For this example, select Spanish (Mexico).
Description: Trans5.png
  1. Click on the Connect to Data Source button. Select the location of the .MDB file. In this example, the translation file is named SpanishEpi7.mdb.

Description: TRANSC.png
  1. Click Open
  2. Select CulturalResources from the Data Source Explorer list.
Description: TRans8.png
  1. Click OK.
  2. The newly-created language is listed from the list of available languages under the Options>Language submenu.
Description: TRans10.png