Epi Info™ User Guide

Web Survey

Initial Setup

Publishing a survey and collecting data requires information that is either provided by the Web Survey System administrator or generated by the Web Survey System. This information provides security to the system and access to individual surveys. The following are key terms used in Web Survey:

  • Endpoint Address – designates the location or URL of the application that hosts surveys.
  • Organization Key – provides survey designer access to publish the survey and import the responses.
  • Survey Key – identifies the survey that corresponds to the Security Token for downloading data.
  • Security Token – grants access to the survey data and prevents others with the Organization Key and Survey Key from accessing the data.

Before publishing a survey, the designer must designate the endpoint address and binding protocol.

  1. Contact your Web Survey System administrator for the following:
    • Endpoint Address
    • Use of Windows Authentication (Yes or No)
    • Binding Protocol (basic or wsHTTP)
    • Organization Key
  2. From the Epi Info™ Form Designer menu, select Tools > Options.
  3. Click on the Web Survey tab. The Web Survey Options dialog box appears.
    Image of Epi Info Options Dialog showing the Web Survey tab.

    Figure 5.2: Web Survey Options dialog box

  4. Enter the Endpoint address, and then make your Windows Authentication, and Binding Protocol selections. The Web Survey System administrator provides this information. An example of an endpoint address is: http://MySurveyManager.MyCompany.com/SurveyManagerService.svc