Epi Info™ User Guide

Command Reference

Analysis Commands: RUNPGM

This command runs a stored Classic Analysis program. This command is similar to an INCLUDE file or subroutine in other systems.

RUNPGM ‘<file name>’:”<program>”
RUNPGM ‘<file name>’

  • The <file name> represents the path and filename for the MDB or PGM file where the program is stored. If the path or filename contains a space, it must be enclosed in single quotes. If the program to be run is in the current project, the path need not be supplied.
  • The <program> represents the Program name. If the program name contains a space, it must be enclosed in double quotes. This is not used for text files.

Since the filename can include any path and database name, the program to be executed can be stored in a different database.

The program editor code contained in the Statistics.pgm file is run.

 RUNPGM ".Projects\Sample\Sample.prj":Statistics