Epi Info™ User Guide

Getting Started

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or above
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above
  • Recommended – 1 GHz processor
  • Recommended – 256 MB RAM


Epi Info™ 7 may be downloaded in two different formats: As a “zip” or a “setup” file. The following explains what scenarios may be best suited for each format.

ZIP (.zip file) Installation

  • Can be downloaded to most user desktops and run without requiring administrative or elevated privileges.
  • Can be extracted to and run from any folder on which the user has read/write/execute privileges (including thumb drives).
  • Assumes that the machine already has Microsoft .NET 4.0 and other prerequisites installed.
  • Recommended for disconnected laptops and other emergency use if IT support or infrastructure is unavailable.

Setup Installation (.msi file)

  • Traditional setup mechanism that deploys Epi Info™ 7 to the location required by IT policy.
  • Allows network administrators to centrally manage and push Epi Info™ 7, including updates and patches, to users using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.
  • Ensures that the machine’s configuration matches the software’s minimum requirements.
  • Pre-compiles and registers Epi Info™ 7 components on the machine which enables certain components to run faster.
  • Requires administrative or elevated privileges during installation.
  • Recommended for centrally managed IT environments.