Epi Info™ User Guide




Translation of Epi Info 7 programs, help files, and exercises into non-English languages is formulated by placing the translated phrase of all English phrases used in the programs in an MS Access .MDB database. This database can be placed in any directory accessible by Epi Info 7. It is recommended that you create a “Translation” subdirectory under the main directory of Epi Info (usually Epi Info 7). All translation .MDB database files can be placed under Epi Info 7Translation to make them easy to install and distribute. You can have additional translated phrases, help files, and exercises placed in sub-directories named after the relevant language (e.g., SPANISH). Translation can be done without changing file names, and individual translations can be installed or uninstalled without affecting the main programs. Switching from one language to another can be made from the main menu, and is changed by setting the LANGUAGE under Tools>Options.

Page last reviewed: September 16, 2022, 12:00 pm