Epi Info™ User Guide

Command Reference

Analysis Commands: ROUTEOUT

This command directs output to the named file until the process is terminated by CLOSEOUT. Output from commands (e.g., FREQ and LIST) is appended to the same output file as it is produced.


  • The <filename> represents an HTM document where the output will be stored. If no directory is specified, use the directory of the current project.
  • The REPLACE | APPEND keyword controls what happens to an existing file with the same name. If REPLACE is specified, any existing file of the same name is deleted prior to writing. If APPEND is specified, new output is appended to any existing file with the same name.

Epi Info 7 sends output to an HTML document that any browser can be read. If no output is selected, Epi Info 7 creates a new file (typically called “output###.HTM) where ### is a sequential number. Output files are placed in the Epi Info 7\Output folder unless a different location is specified.  The prefix for output files and a starting sequence number can be changed using the Storing Output command located in the Output folder.

If no path is specified, or if the directory does not exist, the output file is created in the directory of the current project.

The output generated by running the commands below is sent to the file SampleTablesOutput.htm in the current Epi Info 7\Projects\Sample folder.

READ  {.\Projects\Sample\Sample.prj}:Oswego 
ROUTEOUT ".\Projects\Sample\SampleTablesOutput.htm" REPLACE 
MEANS Chocolate Ill 
EXECUTE ".\Projects\Sample\SampleTablesOutput.htm"