Epi Info™ User Guide

Command Reference

Analysis Commands: LIST

This command does a line listing of the current dataset. If variable names are given, LIST displays only these variables. LIST * displays all variables of all active records. LIST * EXCEPT displays all variables of all active records except those named.

LIST {* EXCEPT} [<variable(s)>]
LIST {* EXCEPT} [<variable(s)>] {GRIDTABLE}

  • The * asterisk is used to represent all variables
  • The <variable(s)> represents one or more variable or field names.
  • The keyword GRIDTABLE specifies that data is displayed as a grid for viewing only.  Without the GRIDTABLE keyword, the list is displayed as an HTML formatted table in the Analysis output window.

Adding an EXCEPT variable list excludes all the named fields and variables from the output.

If the data set has been sorted with the SORT command, the records are listed in sorted order. Otherwise, they are listed in an order determined by the database.

Example 1: All variables are listed using the grid format.

READ {.\Projects\Sample\Sample.prj}:Oswego 

Example 2: The Age variable is listed using the web (HTML) format.

READ {.\Projects\Sample\Sample.prj}:Oswego 

Example 3: The variables Sex, Vanilla, Chocolate, Ill, and Age are listed using the grid format.

READ {.\Projects\Sample\Sample.prj}:Oswego 
LIST Sex Vanilla Chocolate Ill Age GRIDTABLE