Epi Info™ User Guide

Web Survey


The Epi Info™ Web Survey System allows the survey designer to collect information from participants over the internet. The ability to distribute and collect surveys remotely is unique to Epi Info™ 7 and provides survey designers access to a wide variety and number of participants. Survey forms can be published to any properly configured web server hosted by your institution or an outside party. When published, Epi Info™ creates a survey specific Universal Resource Locator (URL) or website address. The survey designer can distribute the URL over email, by posting it on a web page, or using other methods. Participants access the web survey and submit their responses through a web browser or mobile device. After the participant submits the response, the survey designer downloads the response directly into the original Epi Info™ 7 project for analysis.

Web Survey System

Figure 5.1: Web Survey System