Collecting & Analyzing Data on an Android Device

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Designing Forms for Mobile

Epi Info™ Companion for Android allows for the transferring of Epi Info forms (without grids) to a mobile device for data entry. This design creates certain features and behavioral differences between the mobile and PC format. Be aware of these differences and plan for them when designing a form. For example, not all field types or check code commands are supported or provide value on a mobile device. Additionally, required fields and drop-down lists may behave differently on a mobile device than they do on the Epi Info™ 7 Enter tool.

Note: Forms on a mobile device require a minimum of three data fields.

Companion for Android automatically adjusts the display when a form is accessed with a mobile device. Forms on ten-inch tablets appear with a similar field layout as the PC. For smaller mobile devices (seven inches or less), horizontal field placement is irrelevant, as the fields are stacked vertically (unless form was designed for Interview Mode).

Note: Fields on a mobile phone display vertically according to the Tab Order. Set the tab order according to the sequence you want the fields to display on the form.

After uploading the form, conduct a usability test before collecting data. Ensure all fields are displayed properly and oriented in the intended order.