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Command Reference

Check Commands: Click and End-Click

This command executes a block of Check Code commands when you click a field or select a value in one of the supported fields.   Not all field types support the Click / End-Click command block.  Supported field types are Codes, Command Button, Comment Legal, Legal Value, Option, and Relate.  Unlike the Before and After command blocks, the Click command block is only applicable to the those supported field types and is not applicable to the form, record, or page.


//add code here


  • Click and End-Click are only used in Check Code and only with the supported field types.

The Click command determines when commands are run.  Commands between Click and End-Click run when you click one of the supported fields or use the mouse to make a selection on a supported drop-down list.  If a field is Read-Only, Disabled, or Hidden, the Click command block will not run because these properties prevent you from clicking the field.

The following commands demonstrate the Click / End-Click command block.  When the checkbox for “ConsumedRawShellfish” is clicked, determine the value of the checkbox and, if checked (+), then enable the ShellfishType group box.  On the other hand, if the checkbox is clicked to uncheck the box, then disable the ShellfishType group box.

Field ConsumedRawShellfish
      IF ConsumedRawShellfish = (+) THEN
          ENABLE ShellfishType
          DISABLE ShellfishType

Note: Checkbox fields are evaluated as True (checked) or False (unchecked).  When writing Check Code, use (+) and (–) to indicate checked and not checked, respectively.  For more information about how to use a Checkbox on your form, see the Form Designer section describing the Checkbox field.