Epi Info™ User Guide


How to Translate Epi Info 7

Epi Info 7 is designed for easy translation into languages other than English. All the English phrases that can safely be translated are contained in a table in the language database. Commands and other reserved words in the Analysis and Check Command programming languages should not be translated, however, you can translate the screen prompts that lead to their generation. Each Epi Info 7 component/object has its own row in a translation database. Each language has its own database, and needs to be installed into Epi Info 7.

Multiple languages can be installed/loaded at one time. You will need a translated .MDB file for the new language. The Epi Info User Community and the Epi Info Team will develop translation files as Epi Info 7 is distributed to the field. Language translations will be available through the Epi Info website.

Currently, there are two ways to use Epi Info 7 with a language other than English.

  • If you do not have a language translation file to use, create a new language .MDB database for the language of your choice. For more information, see the “Create a New Language.mdb Database” section.
  • If you obtained a Language database, install it with the latest version of Epi Info 7. For more information, see the “Use an Existing Language.mdb Database” section.