Epi Info™ User Guide

Form Designer

How To: Undo / Redo

Most actions performed on the canvas, such as moving fields, copying and pasting fields, and changing field alignment, are recorded in the memory of the tool. This allows you to undo any of those actions.

Click Undo from the toolbar or Ctrl + Z to undo the most recent action in the list. Form Designer begins recording actions when it is opened. Therefore, you can undo all actions from the most recent to the first action performed since opening Form Designer.

Click Redo from the toolbar or Ctrl + Y to redo the most recent action undone. As with Undo, the Form Designer remembers the actions retracted by clicking Undo. Therefore you can Click Redo repeatedly to reinstate the actions retracted by Undo, up to the first time Undo was clicked.

Form Designer only remembers actions in the Redo list that were undone by clicking Undo. As soon as you make any other changes directly to the canvas, other than clicking Undo, then the Redo list is discarded. Redo can only reinstate actions that were undone—it cannot be used to repeat actions made directly to the canvas.