Epi Info™ User Guide

Enter Data


The Enter program displays Forms constructed in Form Designer. Enter controls the data entry process using settings and Check Code specified in Form Designer. Information entered into the form is stored in MS Access, .MDB, or MS SQL Server data tables.

You can access the Enter program by clicking the Enter Data button on the Epi Info main menu. It can also be accessed from the Tools>Enter Data sub menu option. In Form Designer, you can access Enter Data by clicking the Enter Data button. This button is a convenient method to switch between designing a form and entering data to test your form design.

Enter can be used to enter new data, modify existing data, or search for records. When data are entered into a form, the data table inside the project is populated. As data are entered, the cursor moves from field-to-field, page-to-page, and saves data as you move to a new page. If you try to exit a page before data is saved, you will be prompted to save the data (Yes or No).

The Find function allows records to be located based on a series of matched variables.

Navigation is provided for using the New Record button and navigation buttons for, first, previous, next, and last records.

New record and record navigation buttons.

When entering data into a related form, you will also have the “Back” button to take you back to the previous form in the relationship.

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