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Epi Info™ is a public domain software package designed for the global public health community of practitioners and researchers. It provides for easy questionnaire and database construction, data entry and analysis with epidemiologic statistics, graphs, and maps.

Epi Info™ For Windows

Download Version 7.2

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Build 7.2.6    October 25, 2023

*The new installation program does not uninstall or change prior versions!

Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher with Microsoft .NET 4.8  Disclaimer

Epi Info™ 7 User Guide


To download shapefiles for use with Epi Info™ and Epi Map, please visit the
Epi Info™ Shapefiles pageDisclaimer


To download Epi Info™ in languages other than English, please visit the
Epi Info™ Translations page


To download tutorials developed for Epi Info™, please visit the
Tutorials Developed for Epi Info™ pageDisclaimer


Epi Info™ For Mobile Devices

Epi Info™ For Web & Cloud

Previous Versions

To download previous versions of Epi Info™, including Windows XP SP2-compatible versions (such as version 3.4.3), or the still popular MS-DOS version of Epi Info™, please visit the
Epi Info™ Previous Versions page.

Assistance Downloading

If you need assistance downloading Epi Info™, please contact the
Epi Info™ Help Desk.


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