Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Epi Info™ Help Desk, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

This section provides answers to commonly asked questions. We update the questions and answers to reflect the latest changes in data analysis.

If you have more complex questions, please contact the Epi Info™ Help Desk.


Only the Microsoft Windows operating systems (98, NT, XP, Vista, etc.) are supported. Currently, Epi Info™ does not support Macintosh or Linux. However, there is an open source rewrite project underway that will offer a MySQL database driver to support other non-Windows operating systems such as Linux and Mono.


This error may be related to Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) being embedded in the Epi Info™ application. To resolve this issue, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the current version of Epi Info™
  2. Install Epi Info™ 3.3.2
  3. Uninstall Epi Info™ 3.3.2
  4. Install Epi Info™ 3.5.1

Note: Epi Info™ 3.3.2 can be downloaded from the Previous Versions page.

Answer 1:

Your account may not have read/write/execute/modify permissions associated with the folder that stores the database file. Request that the system administrator grant full folder permissions to your user account.

Answer 2:

If you are attempting to read a file from a network drive, this error may also occur. To resolve this issue, copy the file to a local disk, then read the file.


Epi Info™ uses Microsoft Access files to store questionnaires and data. As a result, Access has a limit of 255 fields per table or View. If a questionnaire or View requires more than 255 fields, it is recommended that you sub-divide the View using a related View. To learn about related Views, see the topic “Create a Related View” in the online help.


No, due to Microsoft Access query length limitations you cannot run more than 14 RECODE lines or 14 IF statements without getting an error. However, you can alternatively write out and read in a new table between RECODE and IF statement blocks.


An Internet connection is not required to use Epi Info™ after it is installed. The Internet is only required to download the setup program or to run the web install process.