Epi Info™ Community Health Assessment Tutorial (Epi Info 3.5.4)


The Epi Info™ Community Health Assessment Tutorial was produced by the collaborative efforts of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Assessment Initiative (AI), and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

The tutorial introduces you to the basic concepts of Epi Info™ version 3.5.4 with a series of ten lessons, along with a lesson for Intermediate Analysis that contains more advanced concepts. It is recommended that you follow the lessons in the order presented, as each lesson builds upon knowledge gained from the previous lesson. The Intermediate Analysis lesson introduces some advanced skills and uses data relevant to everyday epidemiologic work.

The Epi Info™ Community Health Assessment Tutorial includes a survey adapted from New York State; however, the survey data used for the analyses were created for the tutorial. Anonymous data relating to New York State were taken from different datasets referenced in Appendix I: Data Sources. The survey and datasets presented here relate to Community Health Assessments, and specifically Asthma; however, they can be used to teach the Epi Info™ program to any user and to illustrate how the program can be used to gather, analyze, and present data.

To complete the tutorial you will need Epi Info™ version 3.5.4, a copy of the tutorial, and the sample datasets and project files. You can download Epi Info™ 3.5.4 from the Previous Versions page. Once installed, Epi Info™ creates a folder on the C: drive called Epi_Info. Within the Epi_Info folder, create a new folder called EIHA Tutorial. Your tutorial datasets and project files need to be downloaded to this folder.

Trainer materials can be requested through the Epi Info™ Help Desk.

Download Tutorial

Use the links below to download the full tutorial (PDF or DOC) or individual chapters (PDF) from the book.

Full Tutorial

Individual Chapters

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You’ll also need the following sample datasets and project files needed to complete the
Epi Info™ Community Health Assessment Tutorial.

Download the EIHAT Project Files.zip [ZIP – 6.07 MB]