Epi Info™ for Web & Cloud

Epi Info™ Web Survey shown running on an iPad.

The Epi Info™ ecosystem includes web enabled and cloud optimized versions of several Epi Info™ for Windows components. They combine to provide a highly scalable platform for data collection, analysis and visualization. Users can create complex data collection instruments using Epi Info™ for Windows and publish them to the cloud to allow distributed data collection. Users can also establish web based dashboards that automatically calculate risk ratios, generate epi curves and display case cluster maps to provide real-time analysis of the data. These live dashboards can also be viewed on mobile devices to provide rapid situational awareness in the field. Furthermore, the analysis functions are designed to be database agnostic so they can be used to analyze public health data from third party systems running on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Finally, as these components are intended for multi-user access, they provide enhanced access control and security beyond what is currently available in Epi Info™ for Windows.

Epi Info™ Web Survey

A free and open source tool developed for the public health community for one-click publishing of Epi Info™ surveys on the web to collect data from a broad audience. Epidemiologists can distribute links to the surveys via emails, blogs, social media and QR codes, and survey participants can anonymously provide secure responses. The anonymous collected data is stored in a centralized database for instantaneous access and analysis.


Epi Info™ Web Survey Screenshot

Epi Info™ Cloud Data Capture

An enterprise grade, secure, scalable and distributed data capture and management solution for Internet connected computers and mobile devices. This free and open source solution extends Epi Info™ for a variety of public health use cases within an enterprise by making forms designed by epidemiologists using Epi Info™ for Windows available on web and mobile browsers and allowing authorized users within the organization with varied privileges to participate in data collection and management of data stored in a centralized database. With the integration of the Epi Info™ Cloud Data Analytics product, real time data analysis can be performed on the collected data to make prompt and informed decisions.


Epi Info™ Cloud Data Analytics (beta) Screenshot