Collecting & Analyzing Data on an Android Device

Configuring Cloud Synchronization with Windows Azure

You will need to first create a Windows Azure account at Windows Azure Home. The free tier is sufficient for many data collection activities. Please note that you MUST get organizational approval first if you are using this service for official purposes!

Please complete the steps documented below in order to set up your Companion for Android application with Windows Azure.

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Receiving Data and Creating a Data Table in Windows Azure

The last step required in order to synchronize data between the device and the cloud would consist of creating a data table in the cloud. In order to do so, please complete the following steps:

  1. Login into your Windows Azure account.
  2. Click on Mobile Services.
  3. Click on the corresponding mobile service.
  4. Click on Data.
  5. Click on Create (located at the bottom of the screen).
  6. Provide a table name. Please Note that this Table Name must exactly match the corresponding Form Name in the Companion for Android application.
    Create the data table in a cloud service

    Figure 6.42: Create data table in cloud service


  7. Click on the check mark icon to complete the table creation process.

At this point, you should be able to start entering data into your android device and synchronizing data using the Sync with Cloud option of the Collect data module.


Select Sync with cloud

Figure 6.43: Synchronize data with cloud