LTCF COVID-19 Module

Facilities eligible to report data to NHSN’s LTCF COVID-19 Module include nursing homes/skilled nursing, Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with Intellectual disability (ICF/ID), and assisted living facilities.

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CDC’s NHSN provides healthcare facilities, such as long-term care facilities (LTCFs), with a secure reporting platform for reporting outcomes and process measures in a systematic way. Reported data are immediately available for use in strengthening local and national surveillance, monitoring trends in infection rates, assisting in identifying resource insecurities, and informing progress toward infection prevention goals.

The NHSN Long-term Care Facility Component supports the nation’s COVID-19 response through the LTCF COVID-19 Module. Facilities eligible to report data to NHSN’s COVID-19 Module include nursing homes/skilled nursing, Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with Intellectual disability (ICF/ID), and assisted living facilities.

Data reported into the LTCF COVID-19 Module Surveillance Reporting Pathways facilitate assessment of the impact of COVID-19 through facility reported surveillance data. Examples of data reported in the pathways include:

  • Counts of residents and facility personnel newly positive for COVID-19 based on viral test results.
  • COVID-19 vaccination status of residents newly positive for COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 related death counts among residents and facility personnel.
  • Staffing shortages.
  • Availability of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Monoclonal therapeutic availability and use.

The Point-of-Care (POC) Test Reporting Tool is a separate reporting option for LTCFs to report SARS-CoV-2 test results provided by a POC device. NHSN routes reported POC laboratory test result data to the public health agency at the local or state level with jurisdictional authority and responsibility for receiving those data. Important: the reporting of POC test result data in this tool does not take the place of answering POC related questions in the Resident Impact and Facility Capacity surveillance reporting pathway.

Weekly reporting of COVID-19 vaccination data for residents and healthcare personnel is another option available to LTCFs. Additional information about surveillance and vaccination reporting, please visit the Weekly HCP & Resident COVID-19 Vaccination webpage.

LTCF data submission options include manual data entry, CSV file submission by individual facilities or bulk CSV file upload for multiple facilities, and/or NHSN DIRECT CDA Automation for the Point-of-Care (POC) Test Reporting Tool. Information about the Direct protocol can be found here. Send questions to NHSNCDA@CDC.GOV with Subject line “Direct Submissions for POC data.”

For additional information about the LTCF COVID-19 Module, reporting options, data collection forms, form instructions, archived and upcoming trainings, and future updates, please review the resources on this page.

Enrollment and Data Security


Recent Trainings

Archived Trainings

National CMS/CDC Nursing Home COVID-19 Training

Through the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) On-Demand Trainings are provided to Long-Term Care Facilities for infection control processes needed in nursing homes to manage COVID-19. To review a list of archived trainings and recordings, as well as view and register for upcoming trainings, please visit: CMS-CDC Fundamentals of COVID-19 Prevention.

Facilities looking to upload their data by working directly with a vendor will need to work with the vendor directly to provide their OrgID and establish the process.

Vendors (e.g., EHR providers, EOC providers, etc.) intending to provide COVID-19 CSV uploads on behalf of NHSN facilities please submit an inquiry to with the title “Vendor Support for NHSN COVID-19 Facility Reporting.”

NHSN will follow up to confirm procedural details as the process may differ by vendor.

Data Collection Forms and Instructions

Resident Impact and Facility Capacity

Staff and Personnel Impact

Point of Care Testing

Facility CSV Data Import

Group CSV Data Import

Point of Care (POC) Testing CSV Data Import

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