5-Step Enrollment for Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

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Step 2: Register Facility with NHSN

Rules of Behavior

Read and agree to the NHSN Rules of Behavior. You will then be redirected to electronically register your facility with NHSN.
Note: The NHSN Facility Contact form [PDF – 80 KB] may be used to manually collect required registration information prior to electronically entering the data into NHSN


Time to complete step 2: 10 minutes


After registration, you will receive two emails: ‘Welcome to NHSN!’ (immediately from NHSN)
and ‘Invitation to Register with SAMS’ (from SAMS-no-reply within 24 hours).

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Step 3a: Register with SAMS Partner Portal

Register with SAMS

You will receive an email from the “U.S. Centers for Disease Control: SAMS Partner Portal – Invitation to Register.” It will include a web link to the SAMS registration page along with your assigned SAMS Partner Portal User ID (email address) and a temporary password. Please click on the link and enter the SAMS Partner Portal User ID and temporary password when prompted. Then follow the onscreen instructions to register and accept the SAMS Rules of Behavior.

Note: After being invited to SAMS, you have 30 days to complete the registration process.


Time to complete step 3a: 16 minutes

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Step 3b: Identity Proofing Verification (if applicable)

Identity Verification Request

After successful online registration, you will receive an “Identity Verification Request” email from SAMS with instructions and a request to provide proof of your identity. SAMS supports two options for validating your identity using the New online preferred method Experian or the current secured document submission process.

*Please follow the instructions carefully for your selected identity verification option, to ensure timely processing.


Time to complete step 3b: 35 minutes

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Step 4: Access Approval and Account Activation

Once your information is received and approved, you will receive your approval by email from sams-no-reply@cdc.gov. The subject will be “U.S. Centers for Disease Control: SAMS Partner Portal – SAMS Activity Authorization.” This email will contain web links to the SAMS Partner Portal and to the application. If you are approved for two or more applications, you will receive a separate email for each one. You will also receive a welcome email confirming the activation of your SAMS Partner Portal account.

You are now ready to access your applications and the SAMS Partner Portal.

The NHSN application requires users to be strongly authenticated. This means users must have an additional ‘token’, along with their password, to log in. The first option is a soft token that requires the installation of an Entrust Authenticator application on your phone, tablet, or computer. The second option is a hard token which is a physical Entrust grid card mailed to your home address. SAMS will communicate this authentication requirement to you in email along with instructions on how to complete the setup after account activation.

Note: Your SAMS grid card should be delivered to your home address via U.S. mail within 2 weeks after you receive your SAMS approval email. If you do not receive your SAMS grid card within two weeks, contact samshelp@cdc.gov for assistance.


Time to complete step 4: 32 minutes

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Step 5a: Complete NHSN Enrollment

After setting up your credential device (via token or receiving your SAMS grid card), login to SAMS. Under the SAMS Multi-factor Login picture, click Login. On the SAMS home page, select ‘NHSN Enrollment’ to complete electronic enrollment for the desired component.


Time to complete step 5a: 40 minutes


Shortly after successfully submitting the forms, the Facility Administrator
and Primary Contact will receive a “NHSN Facility Enrollment Submitted” email.

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Step 5b: Accept “NHSN Agreement to Participate and Consent”

Login to NHSN

Either the component primary contact or NHSN facility administrator must login to SAMS, select Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities, and review the “Agreement to Participate and Consent.”  Check the box to ‘Accept’ next to the appropriate contact name and then ‘Submit’. An email will be issued confirming this action.

Note: The consent form must be accepted within 60 days or the facility will be withdrawn.


Time to complete step 5b: 5 minutes

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Congratulations, enrollment is complete!

Complete NHSN IPF specific training if not previously done.


Continue to NHSN SET-UP (required before beginning reporting)