NHSN Set-up (required before beginning reporting)

Step 1: Map Locations

Log in to SAMS using your grid card and password, and select ‘NHSN Reporting.’

First, add the ‘outpatient hemodialysis clinic’ location, choosing your own code and label (note: bed size is equal to the number of dialysis stations). Next, add the ‘AKI’ Location.

Then add Monthly Reporting Plans, beginning with the first month your facility will submit data.

Tip: Set-up is a good time to add other users to assist with reporting. 


Time to complete step: 12 minutes


Data Collection

Once the preceding steps are complete, you are ready to begin reporting. Refer to the Dialysis Component protocol(s) for the surveillance your facility will participate in, such as the Dialysis Event Protocol Cdc-pdf[PDF – 260K] , to ensure accurate reporting.

Establish a data collection process and begin collecting data on monthly forms.

Please see  Frequently Asked Questions about Dialysis Event Reporting and FAQs about CDA Import for NHSN Reporting Cdc-pdf[PDF – 199K] .



Report to NHSN

Access NHSN reporting at https://sams.cdc.gov.

Start entering events for the modules selected in monthly reporting plan.

Reporting Resources

Go to the Tracking Infections in Outpatient Dialysis Facilities for more reporting resources.