NHSN Release Management

The purpose of this page is to serve as an informational resource and provide a list of all defects, currently impacting the NHSN application.  Defects are noted as an error or issue that has been detected within the application to be fixed. The NHSN team takes great care to monitor, evaluate and repair application defects in a timely manner. Your feedback helps to improve the quality and condition by which that standard is held.

For additional information, please contact the NHSN Helpdesk.


Priority or severity levels are assigned based on the degree to which each defect could impede proper functioning of the application.

CMS Impact Analysis

If the defect has the potential to impact CMS Analysis, then it will be assigned a higher level of priority than any defect that does not impact CMS data.

Current Release Date: July 16, 2019 (Release 9.3.1)
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

CMS Impact: If a defect has possible implications for CMS reporting, all relevant information will be included in the description.

Status: The status column has the following values.

  • A&R in Progress: CR or defect is in process of being worked by the A&R/SAS development team.
  • Deployed: The defect has been resolved and a fix for the issue has been implemented and deployed for public use.
  • Dev in Progress: CR or defect is in the process of being worked by the development team.
  • Evaluating: An issue in production where further information and investigations are needed to determine if an issue truly exists.
  • Ready for QA: Defect to be retested/confirmed in the QA CDC environment.
  • Ready for Unit Testing: The CR or defect is ready to be system and functionally tested in the Development environment.
  • Verified: The defect has been replicated, established, and fixed internally; it has been scheduled but not deployed for public use.

NHSN List of Issues
ID Component Title Priority Status Date Opened Description CMS Impact

Please note that the release dates are subject to change.

Q2 - 2019
  • Release 9.3
    April 27
Q4 - 2019
  • Release 9.4
    December 7