LTCF COVID-19 Module Enrollment

CDC’s NHSN is supporting the nation’s COVID-19 response by introducing the new COVID-19 Module for Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) in the NHSN’s LTCF Component. LTCFs eligible to report into the new COVID-19 Module include skilled nursing facilities/nursing homes, Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with Intellectual disability (ICF/ID), and assisted living facilities.

Participation in the COVID-19 Module for LTCFs requires facilities to be actively enrolled in NHSN. LTCFs that are currently enrolled in NHSN’s LTCF Component have immediate access to the new module and may begin reporting. If your facility previously enrolled, but is no longer able to gain access, contact NHSN user support at for assistance. Please do not re-enroll a previously enrolled facility. A facility should only enroll  into NHSN once.

LTCFs that are not enrolled in NHSN may gain access to the COVID-19 Module by completing the enrollment steps below. Upon completion, the facility will gain same-day access to NHSN.

Please note, the enrollment process for the COVID-19 Module does not enable full NHSN reporting capability for healthcare-associated infections and prevention process measures.

This webpage briefly outlines the required steps for COVID-19 Module enrollment. Facilities are encouraged to review the Enrollment Guidance document [PDF – 850 KB] for a more in-depth explanation of the enrollment process. Additionally, see the training schedule for upcoming enrollment training opportunities.

To enroll, please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1 – Prepare your computer to interact with NHSN

You may need to change your email and internet security settings to receive communications from NHSN during the enrollment process.

Step 2A – Register Facility with NHSN

The person who will serve as the NHSN  Facility Administrator (usually the person enrolling the facility) must access and read the NHSN Facility/Group Administrator Rules of Behavior.

Step 2B – Register with SAMS (Security Access Management System)

After NHSN receives your completed registration, you will receive an Invitation to Register with SAMS via email with steps to complete the process.

Step 3 – Complete NHSN LTC Enrollment

On the SAMS homepage, click the link to the National Healthcare Safety Network labeled NHSN LTC Enrollment and Complete Facility Contact Information.

Step 4 – Electronically Accept the NHSN Agreement to Participate and Consent

After successfully completing enrollment, the NHSN Facility Administrator and Component Primary Contact (may be the same person) will receive an NHSN email with instructions on how to electronically accept the NHSN Agreement to Participate and Consent. Once accepted, enrollment is complete, and the user will gain access to NHSN’s COVID-19 module.

Congratulations, NHSN enrollment is complete!

If you experience problems during enrollment, please contact the NHSN user support