NHSN LTACH Set-up (required before beginning reporting)

Step 1: Map Locations

Log in to SAMS using your grid card and password, and select ‘NHSN Reporting.’
Select your facility from the “NHSN Landing Page”.
Go to “facility” on the navigation menu and select locations.
For each unit in your facility, create a code, location label and assign a CDC location description. The codes and labels you choose will identify patient care locations in your facility.

Set-up March 2015 Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3M]

CDC Location Labels and Location Descriptions, January 2018 Cdc-pdf[1M]

Time to complete step: 18 minutes


Step 2: Create Monthly Reporting Plan

Monthly reporting plans indicate which modules you intend to follow. Can be completed for full calendar year.

Step 3: Add Users and Assign Rights

a. Each user will need to complete training and register with SAMS.

b. We suggest a facility identify at least 2 users with administrative rights.

Tip: Set-up is a good time to add other users to assist with reporting.

Time to complete step: 6 minutes

Report to NHSN

Access NHSN reporting at https://sams.cdc.gov.

Start entering events for the modules selected in monthly reporting plan.

Reporting Resources

Go to the Tracking Infections in Long-term Acute Care Facilities for more reporting resources.