Manual Reporting

Q1: Can I manually enter data for the Late-Onset Sepsis (LOS) and Meningitis (MEN) module?

No. There is no manual entry of LOS events, MEN events, or denominator data.   All event and denominator data must be uploaded via Clinical Document Architecture, or CDA.  You will need a software vendor, electronic health record or home-grown system to upload LOS/MEN data electronically.

LOS/MEN Implementation

Q2: Where can I find the information to begin implementing the LOS/MEN module in my facility?

The following are helpful resources for implementing the LOS/MEN protocol at your facility:

Eligible Locations

Q3: Are Level II nurseries an eligible location for LOS/MEN?

No. A Level II nursery location alone is not eligible for reporting. The following locations are eligible for LOS and MEN reporting:  Level Il/III, Level III, and Level IV Critical Care locations.  Please refer to the Locations Chapter [PDF – 2 MB] for mapping guidance.

Reporting Guidance

Q4: Are NICU’s required to report late-onset sepsis (LOS) and meningitis (MEN) events?

No.  Currently, reporting LOS/MEN events and denominator data is voluntary.


Q5: Can I report only LOS events or only MEN events?

No.  If the LOS/MEN module is part of your monthly reporting plan, you must report both events when identified.


Q6: If an LCBI criterion and an NLCBI criterion are met, which event should be reported?

Reporting requirements for the Bloodstream Infection and the Late-Onset and Meningitis protocol are separate.  So, if BSI and LOS/MEN are part of your monthly reporting plan, you must report both events.


Q7: Are we only required to report LOS events with a central line in place?

No. All LOS and MEN events are eligible for reporting regardless of a central line in place.


Q8: Is only one common commensal blood specimen required to cite an NLCBI 2?

To cite an NLCBI 2, you must have one or more common commensal blood specimens.  In addition, the antimicrobial must meet the following criteria:

  1. Listed in Table 6 of the LOS/MEN protocol
  2. Initiated on or after DOL 4
  3. Initiated intravenously during the LOS/MEN Window Period
  4. Not given in the two days preceding the start date in the LOS/MEN window period
  5. Continued for five or more calendar days

The specimen requirement for NLCBI 2 is different from LCBI 2 or 3.  Because a single common commensal blood specimen is eligible to cite an NLCBI 2, there is no requirement for blood specimens to be collected on “separate occasions”.  To fully meet the NLCBI 2 definition, you must also meet the antimicrobial requirements listed above.