Change NHSN Facility Administrator

NHSN Facility Administrator Reassignment

When the NHSN Facility Administrator role needs to be reassigned, the current Facility Administrator should follow the steps below to ensure that the role is properly reassigned to an additional facility user.  Furthermore, facility users that no longer require access to NHSN can be deactivated by following the steps below.  This process can be completed by any user with administrative rights.

Reassigning the NHSN Facility Administrator Role

  • From the left navigation bar, you will select Facility > Facility Info.
  • From the Edit Facility Information screen, go to the Contact Information sections.
  • Find “Facility Administrator” on the list and click the “reassign” button on the far right of the screen. You will be asked to find and select an existing user who will be reassigned this role.  NOTE:  The existing user must be assigned as a user with administrative rights. Once selected, remember to save the updated information on the Edit Facility Information page.

 Reassigning the NHSN Facility Administrator Role [YouTube – 5 min]

Deactivating Users

  • Note: Users cannot be deleted once added to NHSN.
  • Select USERS on the left navigation bar, select FIND, and FIND again on the bottom of the screen. Select the user’s profile, go to EDIT, at the USER ACTIVE drop down, toggle to YES/NO>SAVE.

If the current NHSN Facility Administrator is no longer available, the incoming NHSN Facility Administrator should complete the form below to request the change in the absence of the current NHSN Facility Administrator.

 How to Deactivate and Activate a User in the Facility [YouTube – 5 min]

Please contact for additional support.

NHSN Facility Administrator Change Request Form

Form Approved
OMB No. 0920-0666
Exp. Date 12/31/22

Important Reminders for NHSN Facility Administrator

  • The NHSN Primary Facility Contact information must be updated in the NHSN application if the listed contact is no longer active at the facility.
  • NHSN users who are no longer active at the facility must be deactivated in the NHSN application to avoid unauthorized access to the facility data.

Please allow up to 5 business days for the change request to be verified and completed.
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