Dialysis COVID-19 Module

Facilities eligible to report data to NHSN’s Dialysis COVID-19 Module include outpatient and home dialysis facilities.

CDC’s NHSN provides healthcare facilities, with a customized system to track infections and prevention process measures in a systematic way. Tracking this information allows facilities to identify problems, improve care, and determine progress toward national healthcare-associated infection goals.

Dialysis COVID-19 Module Overview

The NHSN Outpatient Dialysis Component is supporting the nation’s COVID-19 emergency response with a COVID-19 module designed to collect data pertaining to in-center dialysis, home dialysis, and peritoneal dialysis patients.

The Dialysis COVID-19 Module has a single data entry page with four sections:

  • Patient Impact
  • Staff and Personnel Impact
  • Supply and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Testing

Facility-level summary data collected through the NHSN Outpatient Dialysis COVID-19 Module are being made available to a broader set of Federal, state, and local agency data users than data typically collected by NHSN.  Specifically, COVID-19 data at the state, county, territory, and facility level submitted to NHSN will continue to be used for public health emergency response activities by CDC’s emergency COVID-19 response, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’) COVID-19 tracking system maintained in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response as part of the National Response Coordination Center at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and by the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

NHSN also has COVID-19 Vaccination modules available for patients and staff. These modules provide data on vaccination coverage for patients and staff in the dialysis setting.

Data submission options for all modules include manual entry and/or .CSV file submitted by individual facilities or bulk .CSV file upload for multiple facilities. Data submission for the Dialysis patient COVID-19 vaccination module is performed through the COVID-19 link in the Dialysis Component and reporting for COVID-19 staff vaccination is done through the Healthcare Personnel Safety Component.

Below you will find information and resources for the Dialysis Reporting Module.  Please review the below sections for access to important information, updates, upcoming and archived training resources, and more.



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CMS Requirements for Reporting in NHSN

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Facilities looking to upload their data by working directly with a vendor will need to work with the vendor directly to provide their OrgID and establish the process.

Vendors (e.g., EHR providers, EOC providers, etc.) intending to provide COVID-19 CSV uploads on behalf of NHSN facilities please submit an inquiry to NHSN@cdc.gov with the title “Vendor Support for NHSN COVID-19 Facility Reporting.”

NHSN will follow up to confirm procedural details as the process may differ by vendor.

Facility CSV Data Import

Group CSV Data Import

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