Newsletters / Members Meeting Updates

  • September 2020 NHSN Newsletter pdf icon[PDF – 500 KB]
    Inside this issue – new COVID-19 vaccination data reporting features, CDA corner, updates from the Patient Safety, Outpatient Procedure, Healthcare Personnel Safety, Dialysis, and Biovigilance components of NHSN, an opportunity to beta test the NHSN 9.5 release, and more.
  • June 2020 NHSN Newsletter pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]
    Inside this issue – updates on NHSN COVID-19 activities, COVID-19 data quality issues, COVID-19 ventilator-associated event (VAE) surveillance, information on newly posted NHSN training materials, and more.
  • March 2020 NHSN Newsletter pdf icon[PDF – 700 KB]
    Inside this issue – information on the new COVID-19 Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity Module that is now available, information on CMS reporting exceptions, new process for reassigning the NHSN Facility Administrator (FA) role, a new recurring NHS newsletter feature: Data Quality Corner, and more.