Patient Safety Component (PSC) Training

Updated May 8, 2024

2023 NHSN Update Webinars

NHSN Data Quality: A Focus on Patient Safety Surveys, Alerts & AUR Data Quality Processes – January 2023

2022 NHSN Update Webinars

An Introduction to the Patient Safety Component Data Quality Activities – August 2022

NHSN Annual Training Information

NHSN Annual Training Information

View training videos from the NHSN Annual Training.

2020 NHSN Update Webinars

PSC Protocol and Annual Facility Survey Updates – May 2020

PSC Analysis Updates – May 2020

PSC Overview

Training Videos

Laying a Strong Foundation for NHSN Surveillance and Device-associated Infections – March 2024

Chapter 2 Overview: It’s About Time

Internal Data Validation – March 2021

AJIC NHSN Case Study Session – May 2019

Quick Learns

Patient Safety Component Location Mapping 101 – March 2022

PSC Updates to the 2018 Annual Facility Survey – January 2019

Determining Healthcare Association or Present on Admission Infections and Other Rules – July 2017

Navigating the NHSN Application – April 2016

Device-associated Module

Self-paced Training
Quick Learns

Device-associated Denominator Sampling – January 2015

Procedure-associated Module

Self-paced Training

Data Entry, Import and Customization

Training Videos

What’s In A Name? NHSN Location Mapping – March 2023