Phase 1: Getting Started with NHSN Analysis

Your first stop on the NHSN Analysis Roadmap is to understand the basic elements of the NHSN analysis features and basic statistics.

Introduction to NHSN Analysis – May 2022

Phase 2: Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) for Reporting Purposes

Your next stop is to understand how to generate reports required for reporting purposes. Select the appropriate report for the specific HAI you’d like to run analyses for. These reports reflect the data and necessary criteria to comply with various Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Reporting Programs  For more information about how HAI data is risk adjusted to generate a specific SIR, please visit NHSN’s Guide to the SIR [PDF – 3 MB].

Acute Care Hospitals

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Phase 3: Customization and Tools

The final stop is to equip users with additional tools and instructions who wish to pursue more advanced analysis, analysis customization, and report options that are broken up into two tables. The first table provides resources on how to create and customize reports in NHSN to display specific HAI data you’d like to present based on criteria including but not limited to: time period, location type, procedure type, etc. The second table includes reference guides to other output options in the NHSN reports tab and other analytical tools that can help users understand their data better.

NHSN Data Dictionary [XLS – 710 KB] – Comprehensive list of all variables used in NHSN reports for the patient safety component. The dictionary can help user’s select appropriate variables they’d like to use when customizing reports.


Customizing Reports


Specific Analysis Guides