2022 NHSN Training – Videos and Slides

Videos and slides from the 2022 NHSN virtual training

Presentations from the 2022 annual NHSN live training hosted at CDC were recorded and are now posted on this page as archived videos.

You can view presentations on how to identify, report, and analyze VAE, PedVAE, CAUTI, CLABSI, Secondary Bloodstream Infection (BSI) and Site-Specific Infections, SSI, MRSA Bacteremia and C. difficile LabID events, as well as presentations on validation of healthcare-associated infection data and data quality, reporting and analysis of antibiotic use and resistance data, the Outpatient Procedure Component (OPC), and information on the upcoming NHSN Neonatal Component.


Chapter 2 Overview: It’s About Time – May 2022

Antimicrobial Use & Resistance (AUR)

Antibiotic Stewardship – May 2022

Antimicrobial Use (AU) Option: Advanced Analysis – May 2022

Antimicrobial Use (AU) Option: Beginner Analysis – May 2022

NHSN Group Function for Antimicrobial Use and Resistance (AUR)

Bloodstream Infection (BSI)

I Can See Clearly Now a CLABSI Exclusion is Met: BSI CLABSI Exclusions – May 2022

BSI CLABSI Exclusion Case Study – May 2022

Secondary BSI and NHSN Site-specific Infections – May 2022


Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) – May 2022

Pneumonia Events (PNEU)

Pediatric Ventilator Associated Event (PedVAE)

Pediatric Ventilator Associated Event (PedVAE) – May 2022


NHSN MRSA and CDI LabID Event Reporting Overview – May 2022

Surgical Site Infection (SSI)

Navigating SSI Reporting in NHSN – May 2022

The Ins and Outs of SSI Surveillance – May 2022

Outpatient Procedure Component (OPC)

Reporting and Analyzing Custom Procedures in the Outpatient Procedure Component (OPC) – May 2022

Neonatal Component

Late-Onset Sepsis/Meningitis (LOS/MEN) Protocol and Analysis – May 2022


Introduction to NHSN Analysis – May 2022

Tell Your Hospital’s Story with NHSN Data – May 2022

Common Analysis Scenarios for NHSN Groups – May 2022

Device-associated SIR Analysis – May 2022

LabID Event Reporting: Locations and FacWideIN reporting in Acute Care Hospitals – May 2022

Annual Survey

NHSN Survey Data (Last 5 Years) – May 2022

Patient Safety Component Use of NHSN Annual Survey Data: Involvement in HAI SIR Models – May 2022

Ventilator Associated Events

Use and Application of the Ventilator Associated Event (VAE) Protocol