Request NHSN Virtual Training

NHSN is committed to the training and education of its users. Because NHSN staff receives more requests for training than can be accommodated, the following policy and procedures have been established to assist in responding more equitably and effectively.

NHSN Instructor-led Webinar Training Policy

  • Request for webinar training must be made a minimum of 3 months prior to the training date.
  • NHSN will provide training on the topics shown in the course descriptions below. Other topics may be considered at the discretion of the NHSN staff.
  • Request for training from organizations in the same state will not be considered within 24 months of the last offering of that state. Exceptions may be made for states with a large number of facilities or are geographically large in size.
  • NHSN strongly encourages networking among organizations to coordinate NHSN training needs. Therefore, requests must come from an APIC chapter or state entity (e.g., health department, quality improvement organization, hospital association, state infection prevention organization). NHSN will not consider requests that are submitted by corporations (e.g., hospital corporations, vendors) if they have co-sponsorship with APIC Chapter or state entity.
  • Hands-on, interactive computer training will be limited to national conferences or CDC-sponsored trainings only.
  • Web trainings will not be offered to fewer than 50 participants.
  • Priority will be given to training sessions aimed at NHSN users and potential users.
  • Requesting organization will provide the virtual platform (for example, Zoom) for the webinar training.

NHSN Instructor-led Webinar Training Request Requirements

Please send your request to with all below information included:

  • Subject line: NHSN Instructor-led Webinar Training Request
  • In the request email please include the following information:
    • Organization sponsoring the training
    • Point of contact for the training request
    • Point of contact email
    • Please describe the primary intended audience for the webinar training (for example, Infection Preventionist, NHSN User Group, State HAI Coordinator, etc.)
    • Topic(s) to be covered during the training (please see below topics)
      • Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)
      • Pneumonia Event (PNEU Surveillance)
      • Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) Surveillance
      • Central Line Insertion Practices (CLIP) Adherence Monitoring
      • Surgical Site Infection (SSI)
      • Ventilator-associated Event (VAE) Surveillance
      • Multidrug-resistant Organism (MDRO) and C. difficile LabID Event Module
      • Outpatient Procedure Component
      • Neonatal Component (Late-onset Sepsis and Meningitis Module)
      • Dialysis Event
      • Healthcare Personnel Safety Component
      • Hemovigilance Module
      • Introduction to Analysis (specify module or component)
      • Advanced Analysis (specify module or component)
      • Other (Please Specify)
    • Total time available for speaker to deliver requested topic(s) (for example, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc.)
    • Proposed date and time for training
    • Alternate date and time for training
    • Approximate number of attendees (must be greater than 50)


The training request will be processed within 2 weeks of submission. A written response will be provided to the point of contact of the requesting organization. When a training request is not approved, NHSN shall provide a written explanation of the reason(s) for denial.