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NIOSH Training for Nurses on Shift Work and Long Work Hours

Strategies to Cope with High Demands from Work and Home (Continued)

Talk together about a plan to modify your responsibilities to gain a better balance between your work and personal life. Ask them to read the education resources and/or take this online training so they gain a better understanding of the challenges connected with working shift schedules or long hours. Hear their feedback and come to a joint agreement on changes to improve your situation.

Implement the agreed upon changes.

If indicated, correct your sleep environment or usual behaviors before bedtime, or start using the other suggestions given in Modules 6 through 11.

For continued excessive sleepiness or trouble with sleep, you can see a sleep disorders healthcare provider. (See Other Resources for online resources to find a sleep clinic and specialists near you.)

If you identify problems at work, you can talk to your supervisor. You can state your assessment of the problem and explore with the supervisor what can be done to improve it. If your work situation cannot be changed and puts you at risk for injury or illness, consider exploring other employment opportunities.

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