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NIOSH Training for Nurses on Shift Work and Long Work Hours

Benefits of Shift Work and Long Work Hours (Continued)

Another important advantage of shift work is a less stressful commute to work. Most nurses on night and evening shifts experience less traffic during their commutes and shorter commute times. The easier commute can be a benefit to nurses who are well adjusted to their work schedule and do not experience sleepiness while driving home.

An important benefit of shift work and long work hours is higher rates of pay; most nurses are paid significantly more for overtime and working evening, night, and weekend shifts. Also, some hospitals offer nurses full-time pay for less than 40 hours a week of work, to compensate for these nonstandard shifts. If these work hours are a good fit for the nurse, he or she could have more time off for childcare and family life or to pursue additional education, hobbies, and sports.

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