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NIOSH Training for Nurses on Shift Work and Long Work Hours

Staff nurses, nurse managers, and employers all share in the responsibility of adopting strategies to reduce the inherent risks of shift work and long work hours.

As a staff nurse, you may benefit from this training in specific ways:

  • becoming more aware of the potential negative physical and mental effects of shift work and long work hours and how these effects can impact others
  • improving the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • feeling more alert on the job
  • having fewer accidents or injuries on and off the job
  • avoiding drowsy driving on the way to and from work
  • enjoying better well-being and health
  • improving your personal relationships

As a nurse manager or employer, you can benefit from this training in specific ways:

  • improving how work is organized and scheduled
  • improving your own sleep practices

These can help both you and your staff improve performance on the job and reduce the latent conditionsa that lead to patient care errors and accidents related to staff fatigue and sleepiness.

aLatent conditions are those that increase the potential risk for an error or accident. An accident or injury may or may not occur, but the risk is increased.

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