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World TB Day 2018

Every March 24, CDC recognizes World Tuberculosis (TB) Day — an important moment for the global community to come together to renew our commitment to ending TB. We can find, cure and prevent TB globally. At CDC, we are helping to drive progress against TB, bringing to bear a combination of scientific expertise and on-the-ground experience in diagnosing, curing and preventing TB worldwide. We’re on the frontlines in more than 25 high TB burden countries working with partner governments and helping sustain country efforts. TB is an airborne disease that knows no borders. To end TB, we must fight this epidemic at home and around the world.

Leadership Statement

CDC leaders discuss progress to date in the fight against TB and the need for accelerated efforts to control this epidemic at home and abroad.

Dear Colleague Letter from the Director of CDC’s Center for Global Health Rebecca Martin, PhD and Director of CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB Hank Tomlinson, PhD
“We can find, cure and prevent TB on a global scale, but it will require more work, more science, more determination, and yes, more leaders if we are to end this epidemic….There have been remarkable gains by CDC and many others to diminish TB’s toll. Over the last 15 years, the number of TB deaths worldwide has fallen by 47 percent – that’s nearly 50 million lives saved since the year 2000 alone.”
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Message from Hank Tomlinson, PhD, Director of CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB
“We are at a key moment in the global fight against tuberculosis. Tremendous progress has been made and, yet, this preventable, curable infection still claims more lives than any other infectious disease or epidemic. As leaders come together on World TB Day and again at the United Nations High Level Meeting on TB in September, the time has come to double down on our TB prevention programs and investments. Today, we have the tools to turn the tide against the TB epidemic; the question is, do we have the political will? I’m convinced the answer is yes.”

CDC Global on Thursday, August 24, 2017

CDC on the Frontlines

CDC stands at the forefront of global efforts to find, cure, and prevent TB.

The End of Global TB 
“It starts on the ground…” CDC’s Dr. Sarita Shah recounts how the agency works with Ministries of Health to translate evidence into policy and practice. Dr. Shah is one of the many CDC experts devoted to the prevention and treatment of TB and HIV in more than 50 countries.

Animated Infographic
Multidrug resistant tuberculosis affects nearly half a million people worldwide. This animated infographic describes what’s needed to address the serious challenge of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug resistant TB.

CDC in Action
CDC is leading efforts to scale up TB preventive therapy for people living with HIV in high-burden countries. This approach brings lifesaving treatments to people living with TB and HIV.

Latest Research

New research highlights CDC’s leadership in strengthening TB surveillance, guidelines, and laboratory systems worldwide.

  • The March 2018 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases spotlights several analyses by CDC researchers on global efforts to advance the fight against TB in Angola, India, Kenya, Russia, Taiwan, and other locations around the world.
  • A recent CDC analysis published in Scientific Reports responds to the urgent need for better diagnostic tools to strengthen clinicians’ ability to detect both TB and drug resistance.
  • In a recent issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases CDC experts provide evidence of improved survival and cure rates among people living with both HIV and drug resistant TB in South Africa. The prospective analysis provides new insights on survival and treatment outcomes for this high-risk population.
  • A study in the Journal of Tuberculosis Research compares HIV testing among children and adults with tuberculosis in Vietnam.


CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB offers these resources, which can be shared across various networks in the lead-up to World TB Day and year-round.

Multidrug Resistant TB Factsheet

This brief overview describes CDC’s response to the global threat of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis


TB Fact Sheet

An overview of CDC’s global TB efforts and return on investments in responding to one of the world’s greatest health threats


Social Media Cards

Shareable social media graphics that highlight the burden of TB, global progress to date, and CDC’s leadership to help end the epidemic