Ghana Country Profile

Ghana Country Profile

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Country Overview

CDC’s work with the Government of Ghana began in 2008 and focused on strengthening HIV prevention and control within key populations. That focus has shifted over time in line with Ghana’s efforts to accelerate treatment for all HIV-positive persons. CDC also works with Ghana’s Ministry of Health to strengthen and improve laboratory systems and services and build its capacity to capture and analyze data across the HIV clinical cascade—from testing and initiation of treatment to suppression of viral load.


Per Capita GNI

28.21 (2016)

Population (million)

59/1000 (2016)Live Births

Under 5 Mortality

63 years (2016)

Life Expectancy

(Ages 15-49): 1.7% (2017)

Estimated HIV Prevalence

13,000 (2017)

Estimated AIDS Deaths

190,000 (2016)

Estimated Orphans Due to AIDS

119,165 (2017)

Reported Number Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

156/100,000 (2016)

Estimated TB Incidence

23% (2016)

TB patients with known HIV-status who are HIV-positive

85% (2015)

TB Treatment Success Rate

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CDC’s innovative efforts to Find, Cure, and Prevent TB are creating a safer America and a safer world.

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TB is the #1 killer of people living with HIV. TB preventative treatment protects those with HIV from contracting TB Disease. It’s effective, It’s affordable. It saves lives.

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CDC study provides new evidence that Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is set to rise in some of the world’s highest burden countries.

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