Tajikistan Country Profile

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Tajikistan Country Profile

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Country Overview

CDC partnered with the Government of Tajikistan in 1995 to strengthen the capacity to detect, prevent, and control disease and respond to public health threats in Central Asia. In 2010, CDC began implementing HIV programs supported through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to help Tajikistan achieve HIV epidemic control. These include evidence-based demonstration programs to identify cost-effective modes of service delivery and expanding HIV prevention and treatment services for populations at high-risk for acquiring HIV infection. CDC supports the Ministry of Health in the following areas: HIV prevention, including Medication Assisted Treatment of opioid addiction; HIV counseling and testing; laboratory strengthening; HIV care and treatment; and strategic information systems.

Per Capita GNI



Population (million)



Under 5 Mortality

32.3/1,000 Live Births


Life Expectancy

71.3 Years


Estimated HIV Prevalence


(Ages 15-49): (2021)

Estimated AIDS Deaths


(Age≥15) (2021)

TB Treatment Success Rate



Estimated TB Incidence



Estimated Orphans Due to AIDS



TB patients with known HIV-status who are HIV-positive



Reported Number Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)


(Age≥15) (2021)

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CDC study provides new evidence that Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is set to rise in some of the world’s highest burden countries.

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TB is the #1 killer of people living with HIV. TB preventative treatment protects those with HIV from contracting TB Disease. It’s effective, It’s affordable. It saves lives.

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The latest PHIA analyses show that CDC, through PEPFAR, and partners are playing and essential role in helping to save lives & transform some of the world’s most severe HIV epidemics

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