Guatemala Country Profile

Guatemala Country Profile

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Country Overview

Since 2003, the CDC Central American Regional Office has worked with the Ministries of Health and the Council of Health Ministers of Central America to respond to the HIV epidemic in the region. CDC works closely with the Government of Guatemala and other key partners to: expand effective HIV testing and counseling strategies; link newly diagnosed individuals to treatment; intensify tuberculosis case finding and preventive treatment among people living with HIV; implement early treatment initiation and differentiated service delivery models; and strengthen laboratory, health information, and disease surveillance systems.

Per Capita GNI



Population (million)



Under 5 Mortality

25/1,000 Live Births


Life Expectancy

74 Years


Estimated HIV Prevalence


(Ages 15-49): (2020)

Estimated AIDS Deaths


(Age≥15) (2020)

TB Treatment Success Rate



Estimated TB Incidence



TB Mortality (HIV Related)



Estimated Orphans Due to AIDS



TB patients with known HIV-status who are HIV-positive



Reported Number Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)


(Age≥15) (2020)

PEPFAR15 – Saving lives through American generosity and partnerships

For fifteen years, CDC has played a critical role in PEPFAR’s efforts to save millions of lives and transform the global HIV/AIDS response

Combating the Global TB Epidemic

Despite being preventable and treatable, tuberculosis (TB) is now the leading infectious disease killer in the world, taking the lives of 1.6 million people each year.

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TB is the #1 killer of people living with HIV. TB preventative treatment protects those with HIV from contracting TB Disease. It’s effective, It’s affordable. It saves lives.

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