Laos Country Profile

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Laos Country Profile

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Country Overview

Since 2009, CDC has collaborated with multilateral, governmental, nongovernmental, and civil society organizations in Laos to discover, evaluate, and implement new tools, programs, and policies to combat HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis (TB). CDC initiatives promote and demonstrate sustainable epidemic-control solutions that have been adopted, integrated and scaled-up into existing health systems by the government and stakeholders in Laos. CDC works with partners in three high burden provinces to: optimize HIV testing and case finding strategies; improve access to viral load testing; implement same-day ART and multi-month dispensing of ART; improve data systems and cascade monitoring; and support TB case finding and TB preventive treatment.

Per Capita GNI



Population (million)



Under 5 Mortality

44.1/1,000 Live Births


Life Expectancy

68.2 Years


Estimated HIV Prevalence


(Ages 15-49): (2021)

Estimated AIDS Deaths


(Age≥15) (2021)

TB Treatment Success Rate



Estimated TB Incidence



Estimated Orphans Due to AIDS



TB patients with known HIV-status who are HIV-positive



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CDC study provides new evidence that Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is set to rise in some of the world’s highest burden countries.

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TB is the #1 killer of people living with HIV. TB preventative treatment protects those with HIV from contracting TB Disease. It’s effective, It’s affordable. It saves lives.

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The latest PHIA analyses show that CDC, through PEPFAR, and partners are playing and essential role in helping to save lives & transform some of the world’s most severe HIV epidemics

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