CDC Global HIV and TB Career Opportunities

Join these experts in action by joining the Division of Global HIV & TB.

As part of the nation’s public health protection agency, you will play a key role in protecting the world from two of the deadliest infectious diseases — HIV and Tuberculosis. It’s an immense responsibility, and your expertise, whether scientific or nonscientific, will help us carry out this vital mission.

Dr. Abraham Katana - Chief HIV Care & Treatment - CDC Experts in ActionCDC - Global HIV & TB - Dr. Bharat ParekhJonathan Mwangi - Public Health Specialist - CDC Experts in Action

The Hiring Procedure

U.S. government employees are hired through the official job site of the United States Federal Government: www.usajobs.govExternal. Visit this website to set up an account and receive email notifications about current vacancies of interest to you.

Most CDC global HIV and TB vacancies fall into one of four positions:
  • Epidemiologist
    An epidemiologist serves as a nationally or internationally recognized expert on critical issues in the field of epidemiology. In this role, an employee designs, plans, and initiates epidemiologic studies, surveys, and investigations.
  • Public health advisor
    A public health advisor oversees activities involving a broad range of public health programs operating overseas. The advisor analyzes collected data and findings and interprets complex legislative, regulatory, or policy guidance to develop and implement plans for meeting overseas objectives.
  • Health scientist
    A health scientist serves as a recognized authority for health programs and conducts research to develop national systems to monitor public health capacity and performance. This work involves analyzing public health issues and their impact on scientific operations and conducting major statistical studies and projects.
  • Medical officer
    A medical officer provides medical advice on critical problems in the public health field. The responsibilities include providing guidance to host governments, health-related organizations, and non-governmental organizations in the development of public health studies, programs, systems, strategies, or services.

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

The Commissioned Corps is a uniformed nonmilitary service with a distinct uniform, insignia, titles, pay, benefits and retirement protocols that correspond to those of the uniformed military services. Commissioned Corps officers are employed in 11 disciplines: dentists, dieticians, engineers, health service officers, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, sanitarians, scientists, therapists, and veterinarians. Officers may apply for any position in the PHS agencies. To learn more about the Commissioned Corps, visit the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps websiteExternal. If you are a Commissioned Corps officer, you are encouraged to apply for positions at