TB Elimination Alliance

The TB Elimination Alliance is a national partnership of community leaders dedicated to eliminating TB and latent TB infection inequities among Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations through education, raising awareness, and innovation.

The Need for Expanded Latent TB Infection Testing and Treatment

Ending TB in the United States will require a dual approach of maintaining and strengthening current TB control priorities while increasing efforts to identify and treat latent TB infection in populations at risk for TB disease. CDC and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommend testing populations at increased risk for TB infection, including people born in or who frequently travel to countries where TB disease is common (for example, Mexico, Philippines, India, Vietnam, China, and Guatemala, among other countries).

TB Elimination Alliance

New efforts are required to raise awareness of latent TB infection in communities disproportionately affected by TB and promote latent TB infection testing and treatment. It is also critical to engage with healthcare providers to ensure they know about the latest TB diagnostics and latent TB infection treatment options available.

TB Elimination Alliance Objectives

The TB Elimination Alliance brings together community-based organizations across the United States to increase knowledge, testing, and treatment of TB and latent TB infection among communities at increased risk. The goals of the TB Elimination Alliance are to:

  • Conduct outreach to communities most affected by TB,
  • Increase awareness and understanding of latent TB infection testing and treatment strategies,
  • Share resources and best practices among providers, and
  • Develop partnerships to scale existing initiatives.

TB Elimination Alliance Partners

CDC is partnering with the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) to lead this effort, with support from the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO), the Hepatitis B Foundation, and Stop TB USA. CDC and the TB Elimination Alliance work closely with state and local TB control programs.

Additional Information

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