Model Performance Evaluation Program (MPEP)

As part of the continuing effort to assess and monitor the quality and effectiveness of laboratory testing systems that support public health objectives of tuberculosis (TB) treatment programs, the CDC Model Performance Evaluation Program (MPEP) was established to analyze the performance and practices of all known clinical and public health laboratories in the United States that perform drug susceptibility testing of isolates belonging to the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC).


The reports present the results of the CDC MPEP for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility Testing surveys sent to participants. Reports are published twice a year.

CDC’s Role in MPEP

Accurate and timely reporting of test results is essential for the success of TB surveillance, prevention, and treatment programs. CDC has maintained an active role in the assurance of high quality laboratory testing through MPEP by:

  • Providing a self-assessment tool for laboratories to monitor their ability to test for drug-resistant isolates of MTBC,
  • Monitoring the level of performance and practices among public health and private sector laboratories within the United States,
  • Collecting information on susceptibility testing practices,
  • Assessing areas for training and development of practice standards, and
  • Compiling and analyzing susceptibility test results collected from laboratories in an aggregate report to enable participants to evaluate their relative performance.
Criteria to Participate in MPEP

To participate in MPEP, laboratories must:

MPEP Process
  • Laboratories complete and sign a participant biosafety compliance agreement annually and send to CDC via email to
  • CDC will assign the participating laboratory an MPEP number, which is needed for participants to enter data online.
  • CDC will send a pre-shipment email to participating laboratories to inform them of the expected date to receive the culture shipment. The participants should notify CDC of any changes in laboratory contact information.
  • CDC will send MTBC cultures to the laboratories with instructions for handling, a manual worksheet, and a deadline for entering results.
  • CDC will send each participant a link to enter results online.
  • Once the data has been collected and analyzed, CDC will send by email a final aggregate report to all enrollees. The report is also posted online on the CDC TB MPEP Reports webpage.