Mission Statement and Activities

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE) is to promote health and quality of life by preventing, controlling, and eventually eliminating tuberculosis in the United States.

DTBE Strategic Plan

National TB Program Objectives


To fulfill our mission, the DTBE carries out the following activities:

  1. Conducts routine surveillance (including drug susceptibility), outbreak and molecular cluster detection and investigation, and specialized periodic surveys
  2. Provides funding and embedded staff to state and local TB programs to support case finding and reporting, completion of treatment, contact investigation, and targeted testing and treatment of latent TB infection
  3. Supports expert medical care through funding expert medical consultation
  4. Guides preparedness and provides programmatic consultation, technical assistance, and outbreak response assistance to state and local health departments
  5. Conducts program evaluation to improve programs
  6. Provides laboratory diagnostic services; builds and maintains laboratory capacity
  7. Conducts critical, programmatically relevant behavioral, epidemiological, clinical, laboratory, and operational research to develop and evaluate new tools and interventions for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of TB (to help programs work more effectively and more efficiently)
  8. Provides data management; statistical, economic, and epidemiologic modeling; and information technology support
  9. Supports intramural infrastructure (salaries, travel, equipment, and supplies) required for maintaining subject matter experts in TB
  10. Obtains external expert consultation and advice to ensure that research and program activities are responsive to emergent public health concerns
  11. Develops and evaluates evidence-based training and educational materials, policies, and guidelines to ensure competency in TB diagnosis, treatment, laboratory capacity, surveillance and reporting, and programmatic prevention and control
  12. Develops education, risk, and media communications (web- and print-based) to aid in preparedness and public awareness of TB prevention and control issues
  13. Cultivates relevant external partnerships, as well as collaborates within CDC and across other federal agencies