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Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Children and Adults
Clinical Infectious Disease 2017
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Executive Summary
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Availability of an Assay for Detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Including Rifampin-Resistant Strains, and Considerations for Its Use — United States, 2013
MMWR  2013; 62 (No. 41)
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National Shortage of Purified-Protein Derivative Tuberculin Products
MMWR  2013; 62 (No. 16)
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Report of an Expert Consultation on the Uses of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis PDFpdf icon
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Updated Guidelines for Using Interferon Gamma Release Assays to Detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection — United States, 2010
MMWR  2010; 59 (RR-5); 1-25
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Updated Guidelines for the Use of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
MMWR  2009; 58 (01); 7-10
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Guidelines for Using the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test for Detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection, United States
 2005; 54 (No. RR-15, 49-55)
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Guidelines for the Investigation of Contacts of Persons with Infectious Tuberculosis: Recommendations from the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association and CDC
MMWR  2005; 54 (No. RR-15, 1-37)
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Tuberculosis Associated with Blocking Agents Against Tumor Necrosis Factor – Alpha
California, 2002–2003 – MMWR  2004; 53 (No. 30)
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Timing of Tuberculosis Screening and Smallpox Vaccination – Recommendations for Using Smallpox Vaccine in a Pre-Event Vaccination Program
MMWR  2003; 52 (No. RR-7)
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Targeted Tuberculin Testing and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection
MMWR 2000; 49 (No. RR-6)
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Diagnostic Standards / Classification of TB in Adults and Childrenexternal icon
Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2000; 161
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The Role of BCG Vaccine in the Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in the United States. (ACET and ACIP)
MMWR  1996; 45 (No. RR-4)
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